Wednesday, July 9, 2008

National Forum on Presidential Issues

On July 26, the American Association of People with Disabilities will host a National Forum on Presidential Issues (visit The forum is an opportunity to hear from the Democratic and Republican Presidential Nominee on issues critical to the disability community. Nearly one thousand representatives from the disability community are expected to attend the event. Thousands more will participate via video conference.

The event is historic for Little People of America as well. As a sponsor of the event, LPA has taken an important step in terms of coalition and community building with other members of the disability community.

In 2007, Andy Imparato, the President of AAPD, attended the LPA Conference in Seattle. At the General Assembly, he said that as a disability specific membership organization, LPA has the opportunity to wield important influence within the larger disability community. I agree. I think the July 26 Forum is a chance for LPA to follow up on his comments -- to raise our voice, express our concerns, and lend our support. Hopefully, July 26 will be just one of a series of events in which we participate with others in the disability community.

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