Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nice Car

With less than a week before the National Little People of America Conference, this year in St. Louis, Missouri, and behind at the nine to five job, I went in to the office yesterday, which was a Saturday. I was there for about four hours, from noon to four o'clock. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Chicago, sunny and not too warm.  The Access Living office, where I work, is in River North, a popular area on weekends, especially weekends with nice weather.  Just as I was leaving the office to go home, a young man and woman walked by the front door of the building. As soon as I stepped out on to the sidewalk, the couple stopped, turned and looked in my direction.  Noticing them, I also stopped. I stared toward them.  They were looking directly at me. The man was wearing sunglasses. I couldn't see his eyes. He spoke. "That is a Lamborghini," he said.  I turned around. Directly in front of me, a fancy looking black car slowly rolled down Chicago Avenue. 

Not every moment is a dwarf moment.  Some times, it's just an overly sensitive moment.