Monday, July 7, 2008

Little People of America Conference 2008--Looking Forward

For one week near the end of June, more than 1900 members of Little People of America, their families, their friends and their supporters, gathered in Detroit, Michigan for the annual national conference.

As an adult who has spent many years with LPA, I feel the conferences grow stronger and stronger. The strengths and weaknesses of individual conferences may vary from year to year, but as we get older, most people of short stature change our perspective. The idea of a conference changes from "what will this group do to help me?" to "what can I do to make our communities a better place for people of short stature?"

The week-long conference is a prime time to share these ideas and brainstorm about ways to confront the physical, social and systemic barriers that stand in the way of people of short stature.

Moving in to my second term as Vice President of Public Relations, I am excited that two new members have joined the board. Members who I met when I was a young adult within LPA and who I have shared a friendship with for many years. Along with the entire board of directors, I am very excited to implement our strategies for the coming three years. Strategies that will strengthen the board, increase support and communication among the membership, and increase awareness about people of short stature throughout the at-large population.

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