Monday, October 6, 2014

Dwarfism Awareness Month 2014-- Week 1

Wednesday, October 1 marked the first day of Dwarfism Awareness Month for 2014.  Little People of America launched Dwarfism Awareness Month in 2009 to reach out to new communities about dwarfism and spread information about language, etiquette and the history of people with dwarfism.

The Access Living group at Bessie Rhodes school in Skokie,
after three hours of presentations to more than 300 students. 
I started the month on the right foot, taking the train up to Skokie, Illinois, where colleagues and I presented to more than 300 grade school students and middle school students about disability.  Dwarfism wasn't the focus of the day, but I weaved in to the presentations information about dwarfism.  I was handing out dwarfism awareness bracelets and "Disability Pride" bracelets.  One young student approached me after I had spoken to her group. She asked for a bracelet.  I gave her a choice between the Dwarfism Awareness Bracelet and the Disability Pride Bracelet. She took the disability pride one, explaining the dwarfism falls under the umbrella of disability, so in a sense, by taking the disability pride one, she covered both bases. I liked her explanation.

Throughout the month, I am also producing short videos that answer questions about dwarfism.  I've produced two in the first six days.  The first answers the question, "How to people with dwarfism drive?"  

The second answers the questions, "Do people with dwarfism consider themselves disabled?"

I am looking forward to improving my video production skills, and taking more questions, throughout the month.

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