Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full Coverage

Not sure if any of us expected this. Back in April, when Little People of America and members within LPA raised concerns about "Celebrity Apprentice," one columnist picked up the story. With the back drop of the LPA National Conference and with an FCC complaint, hundreds of outlets have picked up the story. Though it's hard to follow all the coverage while at the conference, I've heard that issues raised here at the conference have been mentioned on "The View" and "The Tonight Show." Not sure if all this coverage is a good thing, but to borrow from Bob Kafka of ADAPT, "at least they hear us." On Monday evening, I had the opportunity to interview with KABC Radio from Los Angeles. The columnist who picked up the story in April, Buck Wolf, hooked up the interview for LPA. He picked me up at the conference hotel around midnight, then we drove to the ABC station on the Upper West side for a 1 a.m. interview. The program was broadcast live in Los Angeles. Though I think my live, on air radio comedic skills need polishing, I was happy for the opportunity to share LPA's message.

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