Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apprentice Follow-up

More than a month has passed since the April 5 episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" that angered many people of short stature, their families, friends and supporters. Almost immediately after the episode, a handful of people started working on a response, most notably a group of parents from the New York area. They worked diligently the entire week following the episode, putting pressure on NBC and the "Celebrity Apprentice" program to issue some kind of positive statement about the dwarfism community to counter the negative image projected on the April 5 episode. Unfortunately, NBC, Trump and others failed to respond.

Though more than a month has passed, the handful of people still hopes to initiate a response from NBC and Trump regarding the episode. One tool for doing so is a petition now posted online. The petition asks that NBC remove a link with the m-word from the "Celebrity Apprentice" page and meet with members of the dwarfism community to create some kind of positive outreach program to raise awareness around dwarfism.

In addition, two parents plan to run articles in the next edition of LPA Today, the quarterly magazine of Little People of America, that summarize what happened in the wake of Celebrity Apprentice and attempt to organize the community when similar events happen in the future.

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