Monday, December 1, 2008

Fair and Balanced

In October, "Good Morning America" ran a story about limb lengthening surgery, a procedure that allows people of short stature to lengthen their bones, and gain from six to twelve, or more, inches in height.

The issue begs a lot of debate within the community of people of short stature. The problem with the "Good Morning America" story was that it eliminated any debate. It failed to present the depth of the issue and in so doing supported the idea of changing our bodies in order to fit in with the world, rather than working to create a more inclusive world in which we are not pressured to change our bodies.

On Sunday, November 30, the Washington Post Magazine ran a new story about limb lengthening. Though, similar to the "Good Morning America," the Post story focuses on a young girl who decides to undergo limb lenghtening surgery, this story is very comprehensive, covering all sides of the issue, including interviews with a young woman who chose not to have the surgery.

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