Monday, September 22, 2008

ADAPT wraps up Fall 2008 Action

Congratulations to the more than 500 Disability Rights Advocates who were part of ADAPT's 2008 Fall Action. ADAPT is a national grassroots organization that practices civil disobedience to implement the rights of people with disabilities. In cities around the country, including Chicago and Denver, ADAPT is responsible for accessible mainline transportation. Twice a year, ADAPT chapters from around the country participate in National Actions.

The Fall 2008 Action was in Washington D.C. From September 13 - September 18, the advocates practiced various forms of civil disobedience to underscore the housing crisis facing so many people with disabilities. Because of the lack of affordable, accessible and integrated housing, and because of antiquated long-term care systems that force people with disabilities into nursing homes, thousands of people with disabilities find themselves warehoused in institutions or homeless.

Early on the morning of the 15th, the advocates stormed the lawn of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where they set up a tent city they named "DUH" City. Using DUH city as their base, teams of ADAPT members marched off to various Washington locations, occupied the offices of key political leaders, and demanded that Washington recognize ADAPT's housing platform.

Throughout the week, many of the advocates were arrested. Most of them probably didn't get much sleep, or get much hot food. And, most probably made more enemies than friends while they were in Washington. But none of the ADAPTers went to Washington expecting to make friends. They went expecting to start a conversation, without which there would be no change.

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Click here for ADAPT's housing platform.

For a much more detailed account of the ADAPT Action, visit Joe Stromando's blog

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